Friday, November 19, 2010


To be honest, I almost forgot. I actually reached for another pair this morning. Somewhere between wondering where my hair clip was to hoping I would find my shoes in time, I remembered. November 19th. Your birthday. The 4'th one without you.
I threw down the pair I had in my hands (Which, ironically, used to be your's), and made a dash for my jewely box. Mindfully aware of the passing minutes, I pawed my way through the ever growing, tangled mess. I found one, but held my breath until I found its match. Finally, there it was. The tradition could be carried on yet another year.

Quickly I blew kisses to your grandson, hollered instructions to your son-in-law and (for the fifth time) called for Emily to get her shoes on. I gave up on trying for a sixth time and sat down to put the shoes on myself. As I tied the laces into bows, her little face lit up with delight.

"Mommy! I love your beautiful new earrings!"

That one comment stopped the crazy morning rush in the split of a second.

She noticed. Four years now, I've worn them on this day and this day only. In four years, nobody has noticed. Not that I expect them to. It's really just a tradition that was susposed to be for me and you.

This year, your precious grandaughter noticed.

So,I told her. I told her the story of today and why these earrings are so special.

"Today would have been your Grammy's birthday. I bought these as a present for her the year she died. I had them tucked away, but she went to Heaven before her birthday came. I kept them and I wear them every year to remember her special day."

I watched my daughter's face as she processed the story. Did she get it? Did she understand? Suddenly her face broke out in an enlightening, all-telling smile.

"Someday, when I get bigger and get my ears pierced, can I wear them? You know, like Lauren wears earrings? And Samona...from my class. She wears earrings, too. But the boys don't wear them. That would be silly!"

As I looked at our 3'rd generation earring lover with her shoe-bearing feet dangling in my lap, I smiled. Yeah...she got it.

I'm glad I didn't forget this morning. It was good to have her notice and to remember...together.

Happy birthday, Mom! I'm sure it will be "Heavenly".

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"100 Things I'm Thankful For...2010 Edition"

1. Our generous dentist.
2. Having a little girl who likes to snuggle.
3. Pizzeria Combos
4. Alex’s mischievous, “I’ve been caught” grin.
5. A job that I truly enjoy.
6. My in-laws’ frequent invitations to dinner.
7. My programmable coffeemaker.
8. Our Saturday morning family outings.
9. The ability to type this list without the use of any visual aids.
10. God’s miraculous touch on my eyes this year.
11. My precious church family that helped to pray that miracle in.
12. Praise Baby DVD’s.
13. The frequent sound of my children giggling together.
14. Medicine to help my husband’s migraines.
15. Mouse traps.
16. My redemption.
17. My Redeemer.
18. The movie “While You Were Sleeping”.
19. Facebook
20. Almost 7 years of marriage…to a wonderful man!
21. Monopoly games with extended family.
22. “Everybody Loves Raymond” and the way it makes the Ashlock adults laugh.
23. Our washer.
24. Our dryer.
25. Junior Mints
26. The gift of today.
27. Hand-crank operated flashlights.
28. Two sisters and a brother gained through marriage
29. Pizza and Movie Night.
30. The Holy Spirit.
31. The occasional moment when our house is COMPLETELY quiet.
32. The fact that I have 3 family members who rarely allow it to be that way.
33. Unlimited Verizon to Verizon calling.
34. Memories.
35. The countless times Aaron has “bravely” cleaned out our refrigerator.
36. Good’s Ice Cream Shop
37. Having a husband who is gifted with music.
38. Having a husband who is willing to share that gift with others.
39. Ricker Pops.
40. How cute Emily looks when she comes out carrying a Ricker Pop of her “very own”.
41. Peace…Perfect, passes all-understanding peace.
42. My heater at work.
43. That I didn’t have to learn English as a 2nd language.
44. The really fun age between 1 – 2 years old.
45. Health insurance.
46. The hymn “It Is Well”.
47. Funny greeting cards.
48. That I still have at least a quarter of a bottle of my mom’s perfume left.
49. Weekends.
50. Living Grandparents.
51. Indoor plumbing.
52. 5 years of delighting in my daughter.
53. Novocain
54. Grace.
55. Drive-thru’s.
56. A much healthier husband.
57. The way Alex laughs when I sing “Wild Thing” to him.
58. Shoes.
59. Bosses that everyone would actually rather have IN the office than OUT.
60. Good deals.
61. Dependable electricity.
62. E-mails from my Dad.
63. Umbrella strollers.
64. Always having my “Daily Bread” provided.
65. The decision we made to send Emily to preschool.
66. Photographs.
67. The fact that I could lose it “all”…and still have “everything”.
68. The sound of Aaron’s keys in the door when he gets home from work at night.
69. The dozens upon dozens upon dozens of times I KNOW God’s angels were busy protecting our family this year.
70. Savable voicemail messages.
71. Control-top nylons.
72. Strangers with smiles.
73. Cinnamon Bun flavored Coffemate.
74. God using others to show me His love.
75. 1 & 2 Corinthians.
76. Pianos.
77. Stir-crazy popcorn makers.
78. Lower utility bills in the fall.
79. Lola – Our GPS.
80. Excellent health.
81. Exceptional childcare (You can’t beat Grandma!).
82. Candles.
83. The DVD’s Aaron made surrounding the birth of our children.
84. Sippy cups.
85. Summer fun in a cheap, plastic pool.
86. 4 years to go before I have to send another child to kindergarten.
87. Each and every day I’m able to watch my children grow up…as they should.
88. Crockpot’s.
89. The week of vacation I’m taking in April.
90. A husband who is respected.
91. The ability to read.
92. A father who invested time.
93. A mother who loved.
94. Child-like faith.
95. The fact that Child-like faith is all it takes.
96. That the taste of toothpaste has improved over the years.
97. Hot water bottles.
98. Unconditional love.
99. Inside Jokes
100. Heaven-inspired Hope.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Emily - 4.5 years
Alex - 4.5 months

I love my babies! :)